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Yonkers Land Rover Dealer

Somehow, someway, you fell for the Land Rover. Do you remember what did it for you? Was it the classy yet rugged exterior or off-road chops that got you hooked? Whatever your Land Rover story is in Yonkers, we want to hear it. Come see the latest arrivals and rows of inventory at Land Rover Mt. Kisco. Drop in and take your romance up another level or plan your visit after a careful comb-through of our inventory pages where you can find the models that raise your blood pressure and increase your pulse -- in a good way. Whether you're rubbing elbows with tuxedo-clad servers at Tombolino's or mingling with the other hopefuls at the Empire City Casino, a Range Rover Land Rover is how to get there. 

New & Pre-Owned Land Rover Vehicles

Never trendy, the Land Rover stays true to its heritage. From the new or pre-owned Land Rover Discovery or to the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque SUV, this luxury 4x4 was engineered for adventurous spirits like you. Search online by model, year, engine, exterior color, and trim. Refine your search until there are only a few models to compare. Now you're ready for the test drive which you can schedule online -- or call us. Still, you can spontaneously drop by. While you're at it, take some time to unwind. A perfect place for contemplation is Untermyer Park and Gardens for sweeping views of the Hudson. Tour the Persian Garden, run, or ride the bike trail till you've reached your happy place, followed by a session at Healthy Massage on Young Avenue -- then stop by Land Rover Mt. Kisco.  

Land Rover Service & Parts Near Yonkers

You can also keep your Range Rover Land Rover fit by taking it in for service regularly. Come to Land Rover Mt. Kisco for all your car care needs. From standard oil changes to coolant flushes to battery replacement to all kinds of fine tuning, we do it. And we do it well, using only OEM parts, all handled by expert service technicians trained in Range Rover Land Rover. Next stop: Saint Andrew's Golf Club -- which is officially the oldest golf club in the US. Founded in 1888, members of the Hastings-on-Hudson institution should hold their heads a little higher. There's always the Dunwoodie Golf Course -- in Yonkers city center for the rest of us. But remember to bring your A-Game. The steep slopes, narrow fairways and rolling vistas do not make for an effortless game.  

Visit Land Rover Mt. Kisco 

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When you're ready, permit us to extend extend this invitation to come see row after row of Land Rover vehicles at Land Rover Mt. Kisco. From service to sales to setting up a wise financial plan, we have experienced professionals ready to lend their expertise. Grab the reins and get started right here today at Land Rover Mt. Kisco.